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Seward & Kissel LLP (a financial services focused law firm) partners discuss the state of the private fund market and capital raising trends with individuals and firms that allocate capital to and are involved in the capital raising process for open- and closed-end private funds. **The discussion in this podcast is for informational purposes only and is not intended and should not be considered to be legal advice, and no attorney-client relationship is being created by this podcast. Attorney advertising.

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Latest Episodes…

  1. Jess Larsen, Founder & CEO, Briarcliffe Credit Partners (Ep. 5)

    In our fifth Fundraising Focus episode, Investment Management Partner Kevin Neubauer speaks with Jess Larsen, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Briarcliffe Credit Partners, a placement agent dedicated exclusively to private credit. In this episode, Jess and Kevin discuss: the growth of the private credit asset class over the last ...


  2. Far Hills Group (Ep. 4)

    In our fourth Fundraising Focus episode, Investment Management Partner Christopher Riccardi is joined by Far Hills Group, a leading global placement agent since 1990. Christopher Fields, Dan McGowan, and Nicole Belmont, join Chris during this 18-minute discussion, where they discuss: What to expect from the fundraising environment over ...


  3. Hussein Khalifa, Founding Partner, MVision Private Equity Advisers (Ep. 3)

    In Seward & Kissel's third Fundraising Focus episode, Investment Management Partner Joseph Morrissey speaks with Hussein Khalifa, Founding Partner of one of the world's leading independent international alternative asset advisory firms, MVision Private Equity Advisers. In this 23 minute episode, Joe and Hussein discuss: Fundraising themes across different types ...


  4. Michael Keaveney, Managing Director, Capstone Partners (Ep. 2)

    In Seward & Kissel’s second Fundraising Focus episode, Investment Management Partner Kevin Neubauer speaks with Michael Keaveney, Managing Director at Capstone Partners, a leading private equity placement agent. In this episode, Michael and Kevin discuss the impact of COVID-19 pandemic on fundraising, including: How fundraising has evolved as a result of the pandemic ...


  5. Leor Shapiro, Global Head of Capital Intelligence, Jefferies LLC (Ep. 1)

    In Seward & Kissel’s inaugural Fundraising Focus episode, Investment Management Partner Steven B. Nadel speaks with Leor Shapiro, Global Head of Capital Intelligence at Jefferies LLC. In this discussion, Steve and Leor discuss: Which managers are successfully raising capital (2:11) Other products that managers are offering, both public ...